On the apple menu ,located in the top-left corner of the screen click on System Preferences

cisco ipsec macOs System Preferences And then click Network cisco ipsec macOs Network

In Network window click on the + symbol to create a new connection. cisco ipsec macOs plus symbol Next in the dropdown menu select interface as VPN then choose VPN Type as Cisco IPSec then click on Create

cisco ipsec macOs dropdown menu selecting interface and new vpn connection Server Address : one of the zebravpn address (it will be found in client area)

Account Name : It's zebravpn username For Password : Enter your zebravpn password account

For Entering secret click on the Authentication Setting cisco ipsec macOs screens Enter secret (secret will be found in client area) cisco ipsec macOs screens

Click on apply to information be saved.

cisco ipsec macOs click connect to connecting to server. Then as last step click on Connect for connecting to server.

cisco ipsec macOs screens