zebravpn images about openvpn concept

openvpn is an open-source VPN solution that adapts the popular OpenSSL library to provide VPN capabilities to a wide range of devices. The main advantages of openvpn are high flexibility of encryption and authentication options, easy release of updates with features, multiple ports to support the different operating system, simple installation and usage by users even if they don't have computer science knowledge, and fast performance.

Choosing a VPN protocol is a key consideration in your security and privacy strategy. Different protocols use different encryption degrees without getting into the technical details, so it makes sense to choose the one that offers the highest security level. The OpenVPN protocol is the most secure and open-source VPN protocol available. It's also the easiest to set up and use. However, it is still a very powerful protocol. We recommend OpenVPN TCP for the highest possible security level, while you can choose between UDP or TCP on our other VPN solutions.